TIG and Windows XP Window Titles...

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Having some issues with the TIG. The Default Text Platform for WindowsClassic’s title bar style is incorrect. I’ve been trying to fix it, and have determined the text background color, text color and font.
The font being used is Trebuchet MS Bold (NOTE: This is a different font than Choosing Trebuchet MS and clicking the BOLD Checkbox - tried that, didn’t work :-(). It exists on the SUT with the TIG, however, I get the following error when I type in the font name:

Error Generating Text Image – Error while generating Image on Server Font ‘Trebuchet MS Bold’ cannot be found.

Configuration: SUT- Windows XP, Windows TIG v 1.02, Eggplant 4.0.1, Real VNC.

How do I get it to recognize this font? A lot of scripts are gonna break if I have to change something else.

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Hi, and good morning

Often the font name needs to be without spaces. Try that, and also you can determine if the font is on the SUT (likely is, but verify if needed) so that it can be found by the Windows TIG v1.02 tool. Its a matter of finding the font surely, and that is usually a naming issue. It sounds a lot like just mapping names issue.

Font Names:
First off, Todd is right that there is probably a naming issue. One technique that you can use to determine the proper font name is to actually copy the font file from the Windows machine to your ~/Library/Fonts folder on the Eggplant machine. Now launch the FontBook.app program on the map, find the font in the list and choose Preview->Show Font Info from the menu. This will provide you with lots of details including the PostScript Name and the Family Name (which is the value you want to pass to the Windows TIG).

NOTE:Currently Eggplant (4.01) uses the PostScript Name for the built in TIG and the Family Name for the Windows TIG. Starting in Eggplant 4.1 BOTH generators will accept the Family Name (although old references to the PostScript Name will continue to work for the built-in TIG). This will also allow you to leave those windows fonts on your Eggplant machine and pick them from the Eggplant pop-up when using the Windows TIG.

Windows Title Bars
The default setting for Windows Classic should be correct for exactly that, namely Windows using the Window Classic Style as set on the Appearance tab of the Display Settings:


If you are set to use the Windows XP style (that does use Trebuchet) then the problem is that the Active Title bar is using a Shadow (see zoomed in example here). This is one reason that we recommend the classic style.


So in other words, the image doctor is going to be busy this afternoon.

I’ve also found that the Windows Classic scheme on all my SUTs uses Microsoft Sans Serif, not Tahoma for the title bars.

Thanks for the responses.