The eggPlant Performance Demo Workspace

Are you new to eggPlant Performance, or otherwise interested in seeing some of the different VU types in action on your machine? If so, you may want to check out our Demo Workspace available on the eggPlant Performance downloads page.

The Demo Workspace consists of a set of scripts for 4 of the available VU Types: C# Web, Java Web, Selenium and WinDriver. There are also examples of how to create C# scripts communicating with a SQL Server Compact Edition database (the code for which is very similar to that needed to call a fully-fledged Microsoft SQL Server). In this case, all of the scripts are pointing to the same System-Under-Test, namely a local web server running an eCommerce website called nopCommerce.

The web server is easily installed and configured using Microsoft WebMatrix, allowing you to be up and running with a demo environment in a matter of minutes. We’ve even [url=]documented the whole process for you!

Some of the Demo Workspace scripts were written from scratch, e.g. the Selenium and WinDriver scripts, whereas the Web scripts were generated entirely using Generation Rules: no manual edits were made in order to get them to work. The Generation Rules handle things like correlation, replacement of recorded values with ones that should be fetched from data files instead, and various verification checks. If you are just starting out and want to see some examples of Generation Rules, you will definitely want to check out the Demo Workspace. You may even find that reading through the User Guide is enough to get a feel for how to go about scripting in ePP.

Let us know what you think!