Textimage recognition problem


Hope you guys are doing great…

Please navigate to the following steps:

  1. If you go to www.smartmusic.com/impact/Login.aspx.
  2. Find a link called “click here.” in red and click on it and you will get into our demo mode.
  3. Click to “assignment” link on top navigation menu
  4. Click to Practice Report link
  5. Select Concert Band from the Schedule Assignment to: drop down list

I am having trouble finding this Concert Band as Text Image from the drop down.

For now I am working in Firefox and the the font is Arial. I have no problem finding other text in this page

I am trying to find the font size first in order to set my platform. Because Firefox changes the font size. Here is my script:

set textimage(Text:“Concert”, TextStyle":ImpactLinkSmallerFont1", TextPlatform:“WindowsFirefox”

put 7 into fontSize // becuase I know the font size will be 7.6(may be):slight_smile:
Repeat while fontSize is less than 9
set textImage.TextSize to fontSize
if imageFound (2, textImage)
rightclick foundimageLocation ()
exit repeat
end if
add 0.1 to fontSize
end repeat
Put fontSize

I could see other text inside My Instructions field but not the “Concert” in Schedule Assignment field.

I will really appreciate your help on this…

thanks in advance


The font used by FireFox in dropdowns on the Windows platform is Microsoft Sans Serif. The font in your example is 9pt (which I believe is the default). You’ll need to specify a font size of 8.75 because the Windows TIG generates text that’s a little bit too big for fonts that are 10 pts or less. So the following will find the “Concert Band” item:

Click (Text:"Concert Band", TextFont:"Microsoft Sans Serif", TextSize:"8.75")

YESSSS…thanks for your help


So what is the process went for detecting font in firefox?