Textarea with blinking cursor


We are facing difficulty when we have to test a text area where in which we have cursor continuously blinking.

We did even try verifying it with both the images captured. One with cursor and another without cursor. We ran these two in a if loop one after the other, in run time most of the times the test is getting failed because when you try finding the image which has cursor that time on the application cursor is not shown, the same for other case.

Please suggest us if there is any other way to overcome this issue.

Thanks in advanceā€¦

What aspect of the text area are you trying to test? Generally if you are just trying to locate a text field, you will not even include the text field in the image; you will just capture the label of the text field and then move the image hot spot over the field (on Windows, use the control key to move the hot spot independently of the capture area). When you run your test, eggPlant locates the image of the label, and then moves the mouse to the position of the hot spot relative to the label, thus allowing you to find and click on a text field regardless of its contents.