Text validation

How I will verify text or validate any title of the web page. I try to automate amazon but I need to verify the title of the amazon website. could you please help me

If you’re using a WebDriver connection, you can access the title property (see WebDriver Actions).

If you’re accessing the URL directly then you’ll have to locate the title in the page source, which can be done using a pattern like this:

put the occurrence of <preceded by "<title>", chars, followed by "</title>"> in URL "http://amazon.com"

I am not using WebDriver. I am using RDP. I am writing script using Assisted scripting in Eggplant.

Hi vikashprog12! I am also using RDP and I have been asked to automate this part once. I am sharing what I automated, in hope it helps you. Consider using Modularization and parameterization if your website title changes each time. Attaching screenshot.

Thank you Blandine, You replied me to my Questions.