Text Image Generator

I’m just getting started with Text Images… keep in mind I’ve been nursing my Eggplant 4.02 along since 2006 :slight_smile:


I connected to an SUT.
I hit Text Image
And I start typing in the “Text String” Field and I immediately get:

“Error Generating Text Image – Text Image Generator Not Responding
Unable to Contact Server: (Connection refused)”

Clearly… I’m doing something fundamentally wrong…

And I’m not really getting the concept of Platform… :roll:

… I mean I have read the entire section on this in Using Eggplant and I’m hoping a little practice and it will all make sense.

If you’re trying to generate text against a Windows machine, you need to have a Text Image Generator (TIG) installed on the Windows box. The TIG can be downloaded from our downloads page at http://www.testplant.com/support/downloads/current/.

The platforms concept is because there are different mechanisms for generating text images and because different different versions of OSes have different default fonts. So it allows you to specify how the images will be generated and to define some sets of font characteristics for different uses.