Text Image Generator for Vista

Is there an ETA on when you will be providing a Text Image Generator app for Vista?

I am trying to use TextImages in the scripts I am writing that will be run on both Win XP & Vista. I have the TIG from your Downloads page installed & running on the Vista SUT. I can enter the text, select the platform, & style from the Text Image Sheet but when I go to insert the code into the script I get an error stating:

Text Not Found
Click (Text:“FactSet DIRECTIONS”,TextPlatform:“WindowsClassic”,TextStyle:“InactiveWindowTitle”)

The following error occurred while attempting to run the above command.

click Error - Unable to find the Text String ‘FactSet DIRECTIONS’ on screen.

I can generate the same text image on my Win XP SUT & run it successfully. However we I try to run said script it doesn’t find the text. It appears that the issue is the TIG since the same code works fine on Win XP & I can generate images that work on Vista.

It should be noted I am using Real VNC 4.1.2 & I have my Vista SUT set to the same desktop settings as my Win XP machine & it is even using the Windows Classic scheme.


The current TIG works just fine on Vista. You have to allow it through the firewall, and create a text platform in Eggplant–>Preferences in order for it to work correctly. The colors used in WindowsClassic aren’t quite right for Vista’s implementation of the Windows Classic theme. Just duplicate WindowsClassic and change the colors and that should do it.


Would you post as an attachment if you have not done so already, of your com.redstonesoftware.TextPlatforms file? You can defaults read com.redstonesoftware.TextPlatforms > ~/com.redstonesoftware.TextPlatforms.allensmagic or something. Then upload that file as an attachment to an email response? Thanks ,that may help folks with Vista and an example of what to do (setting values to what?).

Also a small tutorial on how to take an existing com.redstonesoftware.TextPlatforms file and merge it with the proposed com.redstonesoftware.TextPlatforms.allensmagic file might help folks too :slight_smile: