Text Image Generator-Error: Resource temporarily unavailable

Hello @ all,

I’m new to EggPlant and I have troubles using the Windows Text Image Generator. I’ve intalled the windows TIG - Exe already on a windows system.
I’ve entered IP and Port number correctly (checked it in TIG as well as in EggPlant Preferences)
If I perform a PortScan from my Mac to the windows machine the port could be identified as well.

Although I get an error when I try to use the Text Image - Feature: “Error Generating Text Image – Error: Resource temporarily unavailable while reading Image Info size from Server(…)”

I’ve already switched operating system (win2k and xp) and I’ve alreedy switched portnumber. The behaviour didn’t change.

I would be very happy if anyone can help me. Is there any preference I do not know? What could the reason for this error? Network seems ok.

Kind Regards,

Testing here I am able to duplicate this problem on an Intel Mac.

As a temporary work around, please force Eggplant to run under the Rosetta emulation so that it’s running the PPC code.

In the Finder select the Eggplant Application and Choose “Get Info”.
Check the box labeled “Open using Rosetta”
Restart Eggplant.

You should now be able to use the Text Image Generation Feature just fine, we hopefully will get this fixed in pretty short order.

We have a fix for this problem currently in regression testing – it should be fully corrected with the next incremental release of Eggplant.

Thanks for reporting the bug and helping us to track it down!

One Important Note:

Unfortunately that “Rosetta” checkbox does NOT apply to launching Eggplant via command line. To do that you need to create a separate PPC executable using this process (This assumes Eggplant is in /Applications):

cd /Applications/Eggplant.app/Contents/MacOS 
ditto -arch ppc Eggplant EggplantPPC
cd ../..
ln -sf Contents/MacOS/EggplantPPC runscriptPPC

Now calling the new runscriptPPC will force it to run using the PPC architecture (ie Rosetta).