Test Case Management and eggPlant...

We rarely get asked much around TCM, eggPlant hard integrates with qTest for example from QASymphony, but what tools are you using beyond the test automation tools like eggPlant? Are you using tools like HP ALM? How about IBM RQM? We would love to learn what hospitals and others in healthcare are using to manage the SDLC process beyond your test automation tools… Please let us know, and if you have an integration that you would like to see us build a hard integration for, please let me know!

We would be curious to know whether anyone is currently interested in integrating within the test module of ServiceNow.

@Chris: I know from Cerner, that they made an integration with IBM RQM. As your topics reflect the demand from several EP customer, we (as System Integrator) developed some “Power-ups” which exacly close the gap you described by providing a native solution (in short: seamless E2E test management via a modern customizable web-frontend application to plan, run, analyze and control all test scenarios). If you are interested send me a short DM or your mail adress and I will sent you a flyer etc. Regards, Uli

Our organization has both qTest & Eggplant Functional. Unfortunately, it appears that the java eggplant-connector helper program isn’t able to read my Eggplant results (“The mapping status is not correct given status is: Success”). We’d be particularly interested in a solution that would Insert Eggplant results into qTest test runs without requiring us to separate the automated from the manual test runs within our test case structure.

We utilize Helix ALM (fka TestTrack) to manage our Test Cases/Test Runs and Defects. We’re new Eggplant users and haven’t explored any type of integrations yet, but i assume we will eventually.