Terminal commands

Hello Users

I’m testing VineVNC on mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.2.
Right now it does work and does the job I need.
But I have to do all steps manually.
Is VineVNC either scriptable through AppleScript or through the terminal?

I need the following steps to be done automatically.

Procedure 1

  • Connect to “Computer A” with “Password A”
  • Enter Observe Mode --> Very very important
  • After the connection is established, “Start Record Movie” of the connection to “Computer A”

Procedure 2

  • Disconnect from “Computer A”
  • “Stop Record Movie” of connection to “Computer A”
  • Quit VineVNC

I say thank you fro everyones tips and suggestions or help
Kind regards from Switzerland
Thomas Thaler

Currently Vine Viewer is not scriptable and doesn’t really have a command line interface.

I think the later (CLI) would be easier to do and we’ll keep in mind for a future release.

Right now, you could setup something using the “defaults” command to get your connection in the list and set it to connect on startup (in observe mode), but I don’t think there is any way to automatically start the movie.