Taking a Screenshot

On failure the Eggplant script takes a screenshot; we have 2 requirements:

  1. We want to switch of that default functionality
  2. We want to be able to take a screenshot whenever needed.

Request a quick answer please.

Hello Noopoor,

In answer to your first request, at this time, there is not an option within eggPlant to switch off the screen captures that are recorded upon script failures.

As far as your second requirement, you can use the Sensetalk command:


This will take a snapshot of your viewer window at any point that you specify in your script. Also note that incrementing is helpful if you are capturing several snapshots within a script (as in a loop or frequently called handler.) The images can all have the same image name, with the incremented number distinguishing them; otherwise, each image would overwrite the previous image with the same name.

There is also the ability to set the rectangle to capture based on a pair of diagonal locations (either coordinates or images) so that you don’t have to necessarily capture the entire screen.

There also is the ability to specify a path so that the capture can be saved in any folder that you would like. If the path is not specified, the capture will be saved into the result folder for that run.

Hope this helps!


Thanks much, we will try this and see.

how is your thing?did switch of that default functionality ???

please,send me pm