SVN chokes on a specific file in .suite folders

I am starting to use svn to keep a repository of Eggplant scripts / suites so that I can have multiple people in various locations use the same scripts. In the process of putting the files into SVN, I get an error stating unrecognized character every time on the following file:


If I do an ls -al command inside a .suite folder, the file shows up as Icon?.

If I do an rm Ic , it autocompletes with Icon^M.

If I remove this file, svn works correctly and I have not yet seen a problem with Eggplant using the scripts in that suite.

What is the purpose of the Icon? file, and am I doing something detrimental to Eggplant by removing that file from the suite?

You should be able to delete that file – it’s a holdover from earlier versions of eggPlant where it was needed to give the suite folders their eggPlant-specific appearance. EggPlant 10.2 no longer puts this file into the suites.