SUT info

I just need the information from the SUT machine,
For example if i use System Information functions like processor function it is returning the scripting machine character (where i sense talk is running)
Similarly I want to find whether a particular file is present in SUT machine in a specified file path and perform some action on that file. (like … if file “tempWorkFile” exists then delete file “tempWorkFile”)
Then it is checking for the file in sense talk running machine.
I need the same operation to be performed in SUT machine, how I can achieve both these?

The general answer to this question is that you perform those operations through the user interface, just like a user would.

For system information, you can bring up any panel, dialogue or command prompt on your target machine, select the information, copy it to the clipboard and retrieve it with remoteClipboard(). For text that can’t be copied to the clipboard you can use the OCR capability with the readText() function.

For file operations you can also choose to mount the remote machine to your eggPlant computer first and then use the SenseTalk file commands (copy file, delete file, etc).