I have renamed and deleted some scripts in a test suite and cleared all the results yet newly created SuiteStatistics.csv is showing scripts that no longer exist. How do we wipe this clear? I have even deleted all the files manually.



Hi, Kel:

Short of manually editing the suitestatistics file or deleting it altogether, there is nothing you can do to clear out those values. We’re taking a look at this issue and it will probably function differently in the next release.

Can I ask how you are using the SuiteStatistics file? It will be useful to know when and how people make use of that information so that we can determine areas for further improvements.

  • Matt


I found a way to clear the info, I am guessing its rebuilding the file from the SuiteInfo file. What I did was delete the Results Directory and the SuiteInfo file and its all reset. I then go into Schedules tab in Eggplant and setup the tests I want to run and then exit Eggplant. Next I backup the SuiteInfo file and next time I want to reset everything I just delete the Results directory and replace the SuiteInfo file from my backup.

The SuiteStatistics file has very useful information and at the end of my test I have it and the Results directory auto copied to the Sites directory so I and others can access the data via the web instantly and concurrently during testing.


Hi, Kel:

Thanks for the update. Glad you were able to find a workaround for the issue, and I appreciate your posting the procedure you used. It’s also useful to us to hear how you are using the information from the SuiteInfo file as a communication tool – a good tip for others who need to keep a flow of information among team members.