SuiteInfo file stored in memory?

I’m afraid the answer is yes, but thought I’d ask as it seems to have the behavior of being in memory.

I say this because we are trying to delete the suiteinfo file in a script, then we copy over a new suiteinfo file, so the NumberOfRuns and NumberOfFails are zero’d out to start are run with a fresh data. Somehow though eggplant seems to remember all the suiteResults and runs and fails and overwrites the file we copied over.

I know this file is correct as we have used this procedure forever, just we have to close eggplant down for it to recognize the new file data. Cause if you don’t close eggplant it just overwrites new data with old data.

So that leads me to believe the SuiteInfo file is stored in memory while eggplant is running and the file is only needed for when the program first starts.

Is this correct? I need a way to zero out the data without having to “manually” close eggplant and restart. If nothing easy is available I guess I’ll just launch an easy batch file or something that will just kill and rerun eggplant after new SuiteInfo file is created. Any thoughts?

Is there a way to reset the file without copying a fresh new one over?