suite comes up blank

Here’s an odd one. I hope I’m not misleading you by saying that I suspect I have either ‘cleaned up’ and important file to Eggplant, or somehow I don’t have permissions to a file that Eggplant is trying to access.

I have a script system I’ve been using for quite a while that has started giving me problems. The symptom that I first notice is that I get an error:

STAlert Bad value for Object expression. Looking for an object or script identifier, got ‘SetupEnvironment’.

In the course of trying to figure out what the heck is going on, I have found this oddity.

I open Eggplant interactively. It opens my Env.suite that I left open last time I quit Eggplant – but the Scripts tab comes up blank – no scripts listed.

I close the Env.suite window. I File | Open Suite and navigate to the Env.suite and click Open. It opens the Env.Suite and the Scripts are listed.

When I first start Eggplant and try to run my script interactively, I get an error like the one above. After I “File | Open Suite” to confirm that the Script being complained about does indeed exist, the next Run of the Script gets past that problem. It may then complain about a helper script later on in the main script. Again, if I open the suite that contains that script, it starts working on the next run.

Once I quit Eggplant, though, it’s all messed up again on the next interactive session.

This affects automation. runscript is reporting the error highlighted above.

Another issue that I think is related is that Eggplant is not remembering between interactive sessions the state of the “Open Recent” on the File menu. All I see when I quit Eggplant and bring it back up is “Clear Menu” – nothing else I had opened in the earlier session is on the list.

I am hoping you know what I can do to make this start working again. I am looking at file permissions in Library and com.redstonesoftware.Eggplant.plist, but I just can’t make any sense of it.


You might try removing (or at least moving aside) the com.redstonesoftware.Eggplant.plist file and restarting Eggplant. This will lose your preferences, but it might allow you to clear up this behavior. If that resolves the situation we can look at restoring the preference file and repairing it to solve the problem.

I have rm -f’d the com.redstonesoftware.Eggplant.plist file and it didn’t change the behavior. That file gets recreated, but the same problem exists.

I’m using ktrace and looking at file permissions to try to find any other files that might be affecting this.

Still don’t have the solution though.

Any debugging hints appreciated.

We aren’t yet able to duplicate your situation here so these are sort of generic suggestions, but they might help.
[list]You can feel free to redownload Eggplant from our downloads page if you think Eggplant itself might have been corrupted in some way.

If you have copies of your suite/scripts in the trash I would consider emptying your trash. We have seem some rather peculiar Apple behavior with it’s treatment of trashed files.

If you typically use suites/scripts over a mounted file system (AFP,SMB,WebDAV) or even an external drive (particulary one that isn’t HFS+) you might try moving that to the local EP drive – even if only temporarily.

If you are running any “Haxies” based on APE from we have found that it can cause a variety of irregular behaviors in Eggplant and other Cocoa apps. In theory you can mark Eggplant to be “excluded” from the APE framework but some users have needed to completely remove APE to restore normal operations.

Unfortunately, this just started working without me knowing why. I think it may be related to a network automount failing. I’m sure this is going to fail again someday and I’ll have to pick up where I left off and figure out how to prevent the problem.

Well, if nothing else you have it working once again. Please let us know if you do uncover the cause of this behavior and we’ll keep it in mind if we ever see something like that somewhere else.