Statements about Eggplant functional and git connections

I installed git on an internal server (ubuntu 22.04) and verified that it links to git bash.
But I’m having the following issue connecting git from eggplant functional, what could be going wrong?

I don’t know much about internal servers, but I’ve only used this Eggplant functionality with a Github or Gitlab url in the Repository URL box. In other words, my url would start with https://, not ssh (see image below).

Also, do you maybe need a port after : in your URL? I think the default port is 22, but again, not sure if this is the issue.

Perhaps your URL is different because you’re using an internal server? I’m sure you could teach me a lot on this one.


Most repos will offer addresses for either ssh or https. I would choose the latter. Also, if you are using a dedicated tool such as Git Bash, Github Desktop, VSCode, Sourcetree, or the like (definitely recommended), you will get the git indicators in ePF without having to set them up via the tool.

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Thank you. I solved it by installing gitlab on my internal server.
Best Regards.

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