starting vine server remotely via ssh

is there a way to start vine server via a ssh terminal session? i have tried the command open -a but no luck. i would like to initiate the vine server via terminal from another computer because i do not want to leave it running all the time. thanks!

Yes, you can invoke the underlying server process (osxvnc-server inside the Vine wrapper) directly from command-line. Please read the Appendix in the Vine Server manual for a list of arguments.

I successfully established a VNC connection with Vine Server using SSH. I am using Vine System Server, which I understand should permit me to connect to my “Mac from the Login window before any account has been activated.” I can indeed connect and reconnect numerous times from another computer so long as I do not log out of my Mac. However if I display the Login window (I have fast user switching enabled) and then try to connect to Vine Server from another computer, I am unable to do so. I use Vine Server version 2.2. Does anyone have any ideas regarding this problem and its resolution?


I now see that the source of my problem is an incorrectly configured Vine Server. I unwittingly had checked “Start server when the application launches” so I was attempting to run both the desktop and system servers simultaneously on the same port. Once I unchecked the box indicated above (under the Startup tab) and restarted just the system server, my remote connections worked fine every time even when I displayed the Login window using fast user switching. So, my problem is resolved, and I apologize for posting prematurely (i.e., without taking more time to test various configuration options).


No problem; glad you have it resolved. We particularly appreciate your posting the solution. Now, if anyone else encounters a similar situation they will find this thread and know how to resolve.

Sorry for being a newbie :oops: but could you explain me step-by-step how to accomplish that? I’m trying to start Vine server on both my mac and my pc @ work from my Mac @ home. As I understand, using terminal is the only way I can start vine server on another machine?


Ok well Vine Server is only for Mac OS X (for PC you need RealVNC or TightVNC and I’m not familiar with terminal access for Windows).

So, step-by-step (big steps):
[list][]On your Mac under System Prefs->Sharing you need to Enable Remote Login.
]Now from another Mac (or computer with SSH) you need to run an SSH client and enter your machines IP address. Then you can login with your username and password.
NOTE-If you are behind a router you will need to forward port 22 from the router to your mac.
[*]Now that you have logged in you can launch Vine Server by moving to the application folder

cd /Applications/Vine\

[*]Then launch it with