As of now I only have port 22 open in the router. I use terminal to connect to the remote server and forward a port:

ssh -L 6900:

Now I setup vine viewer to connect to localhost on port 6900. This works fine and only needs port 22 open on the router.

I read your manual about using ssh. I don’t understand why I would need to open ports 22 and 5900.
Maybe someone can explain to me how Vine Viewer works to connect using ssh?


You don’t need to open port 5900 when using SSH, only when connecting without SSH. The manual is pretty explicit:

Enabling SSH is similar to forwarding a VNC port to your computer. The only difference
is in the Port number: the SSH port is 22.

However, you don’t actually need to manually issue the ssh command at all, in Vine Viewer just check the Connect Securely(SSH) box and put in the SSH machine (same name if it’s the same computer) and then provide a username and password (or setup an RSA Public-Key).

That is what I thought, thanks.
To me this confused me:

If you are using SSH for your VNC connections, you still need to forward a VNC port, as you would for a standard connection. (See ?VNC Connections through Firewalls and Routers?, above.)
In addition to forwarding a VNC port to your computer, you need to enable SSH login, which is a very similar process:

But, you cleared it up for me, thanks.