ssh connection failed with secure password revealed!

hello, i am giving vine server and viewer a trial run on my home network. i have server running on a g4 dual 450 PPC with osx 10.4.8. viewer is running on a powerbook g4 1.67mhz with osx 10.4.8. connection without ssh works fine. when i set the viewer to connect with ssh i get the error: "Connection failed: Unable to Connect To VNC Server through SSH syntax error near unexpected token "

!!! yes, that’s correct: my ssh password is being shown in clear text if you look carefully at the text fragment from the alert box or adjust the window size and column enough.

port 22 is open on the server side. i am only connecting locally (192.168.x.x).

any ideas? the clear text password is um… rather worrisome.


Ugh yeah – that’s not supposed to happen at all… (showing the password) so I’ll be working to fix that right away. Thank you for reporting it.

As far as what the problem is, do you perhaps run a different SHELL by default? Changing that to /bin/sh will probably work around the problem, we’ll see about removing that dependency in Vine Viewer as well.

thanks for the quick reply.

on both macs i am running bash which was the default as far as i remember.

i’ll try running vine viewer on the same machine that is running the server and see if that changes anything.

i just checked the server side logs and i am getting a “PAM authentication failed” error from sshd. however, i just ssh’d from a terminal from the client to the server using the same password without error.

when i run the viewer and server on the same machine over ssh i get the same password error on the viewer, which is also apparently getting stuffed into console.log. for the record i have non-alphanumeric characters in my password and so i am guessing whatever is pushing the password out over port 22 is choking on the those characters and whatever is getting sent over ssh in truncated/garbled/otherwise junk.

not sure what else to try…

Ok – I’m sure that it’s the nonstandard characters in the password at play here. We’ll look into an oppropriate solution for Vine Viewer.

cool, thanks!

We have a fix for this in place. It will be resolved starting with Vine Viewer 1.2 (no specific release date set).