Sorting a list of coordinate pairs by y-coordinate


I am attempting to combine two sets of results (coordinate pairs) of the everyImageLocation() function.

I get to the point where I have a single list with these contents:


I’ve combed through the documentation on sorting and using “each”, but I have still not been able to get the correct syntax for sorting each of the coordinate pairs, ascending, by their y-coordinate. The item (787,295) should be first in the list, etc.

Any ideas?

sort mylist by y of each

SenseTalk recognizes (x,y) pairs as coordinates, so you automatically have an x and y value in items of this type.

This did not work for me. The log entries from the run window are from the log commands in the code below. Looking to have (541,227) at the beginning of the list.

log boxList
sort boxList by y of each
log boxList

4/25/17, 3:35:31 PM Log ((540,297),(540,346),(540,395),(540,492),(540,541),(540,590),(541,227),(541,444))
4/25/17, 3:35:31 PM Log ((540,297),(540,346),(540,395),(540,492),(540,541),(540,590),(541,227),(541,444))

I think you must be on an older release of eggPlant Functional on Windows. There was a release where the sort function wasn’t working. That is fixed in the current release.