Some of MacOS 10.9 shortcut key didn't work through EggPlant

My Eggplant version is 11.3 _Mac (1205032132)
SUT: Mac OS 10.9

I have several shortcut command through EggPlant works perfectly on Mac OS 10.7 Finder Windows, but didn’t work on Mac OS 10.9 for Finder Windows

For example: (Open one or more Finder Windows)
TypeText OptionKey, CommandKey, W
(* Close all windows in the application without quitting it*)

TypeText CommandKey, A
(* Highlight every item in a document or window, or all characters in a text field *)

When I manually test those shortcut keys, they works as they should be, but every time when I run those through EggPlant, they didn’t works.
First one, didn’t do everything.
Second one, didn’t highlight any item, instead of opening Application Folder.

Sounds like the shift key is stuck. When you’re in the Finder, Shift+Cmd+a opens the Application folder. What VNC server are you running against?

RealVNC, Version 5.2.0 18477

What do you mean “The shift key is stuck” ? My shift button is stuck after hour running script, the result is when it click to the web browser icon, new instance is created -> script fail