Snippets Updates

Is it possible to trigger a re-load of suite and User snippets, without having to close and re-open the editor (which can be onerous with large suites)?



Sorry i’m not really following your suggested solution, i dont think you understood the issue.

User snippets exist in an rtf file under the AppData\Roaming folder in your user profile, there are no website nor google involved (that I am aware of…). The snippet file is processed at Eggplant application start and it’s product is accessible through the snippet pane in the editor.

If you then modify the rtf file, the changes are not reflected in the editor untill you reload the editor.

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If you add or edit either a User snippet or Suite snippet, you should see those changes reflected immediately for other scripts in the suite. Changes to User snippets may not show up in a different suite, though.

If you modify the rtf file directly outside of Eggplant, those changes probably won’t show up until you reload.