Snippets and nested suites


Is there any way to get eggplant to process suite-level snippet files for nested suites and include them in the snippet section when editing the parent suite?

Given my previous example of a suite hierarchy:

  • Suite1
    • MainScript1
    • Subscript
      • Function1(p1)
  • Suite2
    • Snippets.rtf
    • Script2
      • Function1(p1)
      • Function2(p1)
  • Suite3
    • Snippets.rtf
    • Script3(p1)

Is it possible to view / consume snippets from Suite2 and Suite3 from Suite1? Currently the only way i can see of achieving this is to use the usersnippets file and rolling ALL the snippets into 1 giant file.

Many thanks

Currently I think you’re correct that the user snippets file is the only way to make snippets available in multiple suites. It seems reasonable to expect that snippets from helper suites might be available in the “helped” suites, so you could file a feature request if you like, and maybe that functionality could be added in a future release.