I’ve noticed that you’ve been using the script SlowDownEggplant “movie” in some of your demo videos. Would someone mind sharing this script? It would be really helpful when I do my demos, as I use “Wait” atm, and its not very efficient. Thanks!

Where did you see this used? It’s probably quite old and I don’t know if anyone would still have it around. But slowing down eggPlant is not difficult (just make sure you let the people you show it to know that it runs much more quickly with its default settings). I would imagine that the main thing that the script did was to change the MouseMoveSpeed so that people can see the mouse moving across the screen. If you wanted to create a script that did that and then ran a specified script, it would look like this:

params scriptToRun
put the mouseMoveSpeed into mms // store the current value
set the mouseMoveSpeed to 10 // slows down the mouse movement
run scriptToRun
set the mouseMoveSpeed to mms // restore the original setting

All of the runtime parameters are configurable in this way, so your SlowEggplantDown script could make other adjustments. For example, to increase the time between steps, you could add:

set the RemoteWorkInterval to 2

Here’s another common one to set, if your demo involves some typing and you’d like it to look more like there’s a person at the keyboard:

set the nextKeyDelay to 0.1