Slow mouse scrolling

Hello, is there any way to control the mouse scrolling speed?

The mouse scroll is working too fast and scrolling past the images being looking for while scrolling.

repeat until imagefound(image:“targetImage”,waitFor:0)
ScrollWheelDown 1
end repeat

Hi, did you see this help page: ?

Very helpful…didn’t solve totally but gave me another idea to solve it.
Thanks a bunch.

I have often found that ScrollWheelDown can pass my image. There are two tweaks that I would make to wsdavis’ suggestion above:
Repeat until ImageFound(image:"myImage,waitFor:1) – I have found that a value of ‘0’ increases the chances of missing it for my UI
ScrollWheelDown 1
End Repeat
ScrollWheelUp 1 – I have found that the image is more commonly already 1/3 of the bottom of the screen or higher before it is found, so a ScrollWheelDown 1 placed outside the loop ensures it as not vanished from the top of the screen