Single system french keyboard entries

Hello everyone,

Since the release of the 23.3.100, I am trying the single system feature. However, I have a french keyboard, and I cannot find the way to type on my keyboard and have the good return in the connected single system. For example, if I type “z” I will get a “z”. However, if I type “Z” I will get a “W”. I am working on Windows 11 so when I connect the single system I have to log into the Windows session.
I have the same issue when I use the function “typetext” by scripting, however I have a workaround : I have to set both the computer and the session opened through Eggplant to “EN” language. In this case I am able to use the function “typetext” but still not able to type directly on my keyboard.

I would appreciate your help if you faced the same issue.