Simultaneous Eggplant Scripts+ To Start Demo

Two Simultaneous Eggplant Scripts & QuickTime Video To Start My Demo With

I?m getting ready for the second of possibly four Eggplant demonstrations at work. Knowing the plans I had, Redstone sent me a two-license thirty-day trial so I could experiment. I didn?t quite get two instances of Eggplant running for the first demo but I fully succeeded during rehearsal for the second today. I WAS JAZZED! Part of it was figuring out how to run two instances of the application, part was learning about TCP/IP addressing, and part was dealing with a slower network.

When I was prepping for my first demo, I was trying to run the second instance of Eggplant from the command line. I was able to get the second Eggplant instance to work at home but not at work, it turned out to be due to an incorrect Local Area Network TCP/IP address. Today I succeeded in running two instances of Eggplant as normal OS X applications. While looking at the release notes for Eggplant v2 and reading about keeping v1.5 while transitioning to v2, it dawned on me that all I needed to do was copy the application and give it a second name – it works! Launch them both with their licenses, select independent scripts, make connections to two SUTs, and I was off! (Hopefully Redstone won?t go ARG!, you shouldn?t do this because…)

Set RemoteClipboard worked well at my apartment but not reliably work. I have a gigabit LAN at home while at work I was using an orphaned ten-megabit hub. Turns out all I needed to do was slow Eggplant down via preferences – see details below.

Now I?ve got two simultaneous Eggplant scripts as well as a QuickTime video running simultaneously from my gigahertz TiBook to start my demonstration with. To have these three applications run simultaneously from a laptop will hopefully make those who doubt the capabilities of a Macintosh based application really sit up and take notice. I?m sure the demo will go well and I?m jazzed!

                 To Infinity & Beyond!  Bruce

Some Details:

I didn?t have my test application from work at home so I learned using the simple four-function calculator that every OS includes. I randomly picked one number followed by a random operation (add, subtract, multiply, divide) followed by a randomly picked second number and hit equal. I had the script introduce a pseudo-error any time the number five was selected so failures would occur. I then had the script compare what the SUT generated to what the script had calculated via a clipboard comparison. By copying the script, adding paths to images, and collecting a second set of images from the second OS, I had this script running on a second OS in about thirty minutes.

I used,, and with subnet masks of

Random Picks, Paths To Images, Application Execution & Script Execution:

    put random(10) into digit
    if digit = 1 then
          click "Calc-OSX/Calc1"
          put 1 into Value1
       else if digit = 2 then
          click "Calc-OSX/Calc2"
          put 2 into Value1
    end if

Application And Script Comparison via Clipboard:

    TypeCommand "c"             (* PC:  TypeText "\cC"  *)
    put RemoteClipboard() into ResultsApp

    if ResultsApp = ResultsCalc then
           log "Pass: " & pass & " -- Correct"
           log "Pass: " & pass & " -- >>>  FAIL  <<<"
           answer "PSEUDO Error -- App: " & ResultsApp & "    " & "Calc: " & ResultsCalc
           add one to AppWrong
     end if

Compensate For Slower Network:
Eggplant > Preferences? > Run Options > Keyboard >
Key-Down Delay: increased from 0.001 to 0.060
Next-Key Delay: increased from 0.001 to 0.040

0.020 worked before I added the QuickTime video playing

It?s like those awful political ads, I slowed it down by about fifty-fold but it?s still plenty fast! (Here in California they were advertising taxes would be driven up 400% by one proposition ? they didn?t advertise the new tax would now be ninety-six cents.)