Shell command

Hi all, I need help.
I have my scripts running on windows 7, I can properly execute the shell commad on my computer. But I would like execute the shell command on my SUT . I dont know how to that.
I opened the cmd on my computer and i typed in
ssh which is the name of my computer. but nothing happens.
-How am i supposed to do, where do i need to type that command. PLease everything from the start.
Thanks in advance

You cannot run the shell command against the SUT; it works only on the eggPlant machine. If you want to run a command from the command line on the SUT, then you need to have your script open a cmd prompt on the SUT, which you can generally do with this code:

typetext windowsKey, "r"
typetxt "cmd", return

Then you would issue another typetext command to enter the command that you want to run from the cmd prompt.

Oh Thanks a lot Matt.
Actually After runing the code you just gave me some minutes ago, I would need to open a program
which is located under program files (x86). Here is what I did
typetext “cmd”, return
typetext “cd…”
typetext Enterkey
typetext “cd…”
typetext Enterkey
typetext “Program Files (x86)/Software/Interface Desktop/univ.exe/”
typetext Enterkey

But it doesnt not work. Manually I need to type cd first then enter the text but if I do it through eggplant, the quotes will not be written.
Please I need your help again

There are a number of ways to include quotes in strings. Here’s an easy one:

typetext <<"Program Files (x86)/Software/Interface Desktop/univ.exe/">> 

You shouldn’t need to do the “…” part of your code, unless you don’t know what drive letter the executable you need to run will be on. If it’s always going to be on the “c:” drive (or some other known drive), just include that in the path:

typetext <<"C:/Program Files (x86)/Software/Interface Desktop/univ.exe/">> 

Even if you need to do the “…”, you could combine them in a single command:

typetext <<"../../Program Files (x86)/Software/Interface Desktop/univ.exe/">> & EnterKey

Wow, thanks a lot Matt, you just give some tips that are totally new to me and work just perfect.

Thanks again, I really do appreciate your help.