Setting Zoom level in browser

Does anyone tried to increase the zoom level in browser? I’m having issue OCR to recognize the text in a cloud application and need to increase the zoom level to 125% in order to “Find Text” in the screen. Tried using Search rectangle but still it is not helping.
Right now, i’m using control key ++ to increase the zoom as given below:

KeyDown ControlKey, “+”
KeyDown ControlKey, “+”
KeyUp ControlKey, “+”
KeyUp ControlKey, “+”

Historically, OCR has not produced the best results for me and I usually try to find more reliable alternatives if possible. Are you after the coordinate location of this specific text or just the value?

If the latter, rather than use OCR when working in browsers, I experienced better results by copying to the clipboard and using string manipulation or pattern matching to extract the necessary values.


  1. Are you able to Zoom to 125% using the above code ? If Yes, Do you have issue with reading text only after zoom to 125% or with 100% too ?

  2. Yes, I agree OCR is not that accurate. Since you mentioned browser, Did you tried Selenium commands available in Eggplant if its having an object if not you need to try with multiple OCR properties.

  3. If you trying to validate the text. Instead of reading the text using OCR, Use ImageFound(Text:"") to validate the text.

I would expect that if the text is being revealed via a browser window, it should be live text. As such, I would use the RemoteClipboard() function to pull the data. Is there an image on your screen that could serve as a waypoint or anchor for the text that you are trying to capture?

Yes I was able to zoom using Ctrl ++ and reading the menu in web page seems to work. But there is a catch, when I exit, i need to Ctrl - - as otherwise, every time, it keeps increasing the zoom level. When there is any failure happens, in the middle, it get messed up.