Setting up multiple screen sessions?


I am wondering how do I set this up, it is advertised on the website:

Flexible port assignment for multiple VNC servers on a single computer
System servers that run independently of user accounts

How do I do this?

I dont think my request was clear enough, sorry.

Is there a way to allow multiple users to use multiple DIFFERENT desktop interfaces? We want to have multiple users logged into our server at the same time, and see different screens, and have their own instances of applications running at the same time?

Is that possible?!

The system server option is under the Server menu. For the multiple user sessions, you first need to set up additional user accounts on the machine and you need to enable Fast User Switching. Then you need to log into those user accounts and set up the Vine Viewer to open at login – you can’t access the other user sessions unless they are logged in. The other instances of Vine Server will automatically pick an available port, but you might want to set them in the preferences to specific ports so that you will always know which one is running on which port.