setting file Permission


I have a file and folder in the Documents of SUT,

how to set the rwxrwxrwx permission for Admin user where the eggplant is installed and rwxrwxrwx permission for the SUT user also,

I tried using the file permission property

set the gruop Permissions of file “/Volumes/Machintosh HD/Applications/Software Depot” to “rwxrwxrwx”

but its not working as i expected, I want the file can be accessed by the admin user as well as SUT user.

Please let me know how to achieve this.

Thanks in Advance

First of all, keep in mind that SenseTalk’s direct access to files is limited to the Eggplant machine. Your script can directly access files on the SUT machine only if the SUT’s file system is mounted and accessible on the Eggplant machine.

Given that, you can read or write the permissions in “rwxrwxrwx” format through the permissions property of the file, as shown in this example:

put "Hello" into file "/tmp/example" -- create a test file
put the permissions of file "/tmp/example"
set the permissions of file "/tmp/example" to "rw-rw-rw-"
put the permissions of file "/tmp/example"

The owner permissions, group permissions and other permissions properties give you access to the same information, but in a more “user friendly” format:

put the group permissions of file "/tmp/example" -- shows "read,write"

I hope this helps!