Server kinda crashes after a few minutes


after installing vine the first time yesterday everything went fine so far. After some work today i ran into bigger problems.

After connecting to the mac mini with the vine server running on it, the picture stucks after a time frame of a few seconds to a few minutes.

The only notable thing i did is installing dns enabler and enabling the dns server of osx with it and installing MAMP for Apache, PHP and MySQL.

I don’t see any port conflicts but can the DNS stuff probably cause problems? It seems a bit strange as it’s working at first and stucking after a while.

I already switched back from 3.1 beta to 3.0 which doesn’t change anything.


Additionally i just noted that the server still seems to be alive but doesn’t send screen updates anymore. After disconnecting i can reconnect, it asks for the password but then nothing happens. Seems like there’s no screen-data coming through.

There is a known bug with certain cursor updates that can cause this. In your VNC client please disable Rich Cursors (or Track Remote Cursor Locally) and see if that helps the problem.

No unfortunately this doesnt help.

Hmm i’m wondering if this may have to do with the clipboard support. Sometimes if i change the content of the clipboard it hangs afterwards. Just to give you an idea.

It’s certainly possible. You might try disabling Rich Clipboard support in the server and see if that helps you out.

Unfortunately still no change - even not with disabled rich clipboard support.

Additionally my trial is over so i guess i have to switch to another product.

Am i right that i would have to pay 3 Licences for 3 Macs with 2 users for the client only?

Couple notes:
First, there is a known crashing problem with the ARD server when you copy to clipboards. If you are connecting to the ARD server we highly recommend the Vine Server.

Second, only the Viewer is licensed. You can use as many copies of Vine Server on as many machines as you wish free of charge.

Finally, I’m not quite sure what you mean by 3 machines + 2 users. If there are multiple users on a machine they can all use 1 license of vine on that machine. For licensing a second computer with a second user we do ask that you buy a second copy of Vine. If you want you can buy one license and transfer it to a second computer for a single person to use, that would require that you only run one at a time.

Jonathan, thanks for your reply.

  1. I’m using vine server from the beginning.

  2. I was talking about 3 Macs that are used by 2 Users (me and my collegue each use an iMac and i additionally use a macbook. Therefore i’ll have to buy 3 licences if i don’t want to transfer each time i switch machines!? (transfer sounds like lots of work and don’t forget to disable the licence on 1 pc if you swith to the other…)

You don’t have to re-transfer to switch back. Buy two licenses (so you can run two at once) and just transfer one of them to the third machine.

ok - think i’d buy one at first, use it on the imac and macbook and hope you can bring those crashes to a solution.

Still one more question left regarding the transfer. The text on the transfer page reads like the licence is transfered (moved) from one mac to the other - so deactivated on the old mac. So using it on the macbook and the imac (switching, no concurrent use) doesn’t work… i’m a bit confused about that.

All it really means is that you can’t use them both at once. You will still be able to launch Vine on either machine.