sendmail using gmail.

Has anyone had any success with using gmail through eggplant to send email notifications using sendmail?

I keep getting authentication errors when trying to go through smtp. Is it just a setting? Or does it just not work?


I tried this at one point and was not able to get it working. I can’t say that it’s impossible, but I didn’t have any luck with it.

Unfortunately GMAIL doesn’t support any of the authentication methods we have in place for mail from directly within Eggplant. (Basically it requires encryption which we do not support).

Hopefully GMAIL will provide easier access in the future but we also might add email encryption support into a future release of Eggplant.

Just wondering, it has been a while - has authentication been added to Testplant? .me caught up with our very frequent test email results.

We have not added encryption support to the mail settings for Eggplant.