sendmail Failed


I’m attempting to write a script that sends me an email with multiple attachments. The names of the attachments are stored in a list and so the code looks like this:

sendmail to: "", subject: "Gamesroom", body:browsertestscript &return& "Status:" && Outcome.status && &return& "Errors:" && Outcome.errors && &return& "Warnings:" && Outcome.warnings && &return& "Successes:" && Outcome.successes && &return& "Duration:" && Outcome.duration && &return& "Time Ran:" && Outcome.RunDate, attachments: (capturearray)

This code works perfectly when only 2 items are in the list but when I attempt to add more I get the following error message:

24/04/2014 17:15:51	Exception		sendmail Failed (see console for details).

24/04/2014 17:15:51	EndTestCase		(Duration:"1680.773", Errors:"6", Exceptions:"1", StartTime:"2014-04-24 16:47:51 +0100", Successes:"155", TestCase:"Gamesroom-Master.script", Warnings:"1")

24/04/2014 17:15:52	FAILURE		Error Running Script Command sendmail Error - sendmail Failed (see console for details).
Execution Time 0:28:00 Gamesroom-Master.script

All the items are the names of .png files which do exist and are in the correct location. It says to see the console for further details but I’m not certain as to what it is referring to.

Even typing the names of the attachments into the sendmail command rather than using a list produces the same error.

Is there perhaps a limit on the amount of attachments?




Hi jdp,

Hope you doing well…
I am facing same error(sendmail Failed (see console for details)) While using send mail command.
Could you please help me to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance.


Hello! how did you solve it?

If you are having issues of your own, this is a good place to start: