Sendmail and SMTP server

I am trying to use sendmail command and setting up the Mail Preferences seems to be difficult. I have na exchange server that includes the SMTP server. After entering the server name in the SMTP server field in Mail Preferneces, leaving NONE option for Authentication, I ran my simple script:

sendmail (to: “”, from: “”)

I got the following error msg:FAILURE Screen_Error.png EDMailgentException Authentication failed.

Can someone please help me with it? I need to be able to e-mail the log files after the script execution.



You probably need to provide some login credentials for the server. So set the Authentication to plain and provide your username and password. Please let us know if you are able to get it working – people don’t seem to be having much luck sending mail through an Exchange server even with the SMTP enabled. It works well against other SMTP servers that we have tested.