Sending Email with an Execution License

How do you send an email with an execution license? I noticed that it gives me an error message that it didn’t send because I needed a valid To, From etc.

I used the same script from my Node-Locked license. The only difference is that the GUI allows me to setup the SMTP Server in Mail Preferences. How do I set up my SMTP server in the execution license and eggplant manager?

All of the properties that are set in the Preferences can also be specified as part of the mailTo command. See the mailTo command in the Eggplant Reference.

If the CLI is invoked as the same user as the one that has configured the Mail settings in the GUI, then eggPlant should pick up and use those settings. This gets trickier when running via eggPlant Manager – the agent then has to be run as the same user as well. Setting the values in the mailTo command is the best way of making sure that the right properties are used.

Yes it worked. Thanks!