selective clipboard/cancel transfer?

I just hit Copy on a 5 MB file in the finder on a remote computer.

I wanted to move it from one volume to another on the remote computer.

I sure wish I could tell VineViewer to cancel attempting to transfer the file to my computer…

You shouldn’t have any trouble copying and pasting large files or folders on a remote system. I just did this with a 13MB folder without any problem. It’s only when you copy files on the remote machine and paste on the local machine (or vice versa) that Vine will transfer the data across the network, and lock up your session during the copy.

We recognize that it would be nice to have a bit more control over the copy process when data is being transferred by Vine. We may be able to improve this in a future release.

In this case, as soon as I hit Copy on the remote system, I was SOL for ~10 minutes while VINE tried to transfer the file to the local system.

It isn’t that the transfer worked or not, is is that it as asyncronos and I couldn’t cancel it!

I’m not experiencing that here, but we’ll look into it. Did you happen to have more than one connection open at the time? That might have an impact. Also, what version of Mac OSX were you running on the local and remote machines?

I only had the one connection open.

I highlighted a .app package, and Vine choked on trying to bring it my way.

a drop down sheet informed me that this transfer was going to take a while. My thing is that I wanted to see a Cancel button on the sheet…