Selection between dual select boxes

If you’re not sure as to what a dual select box is:

It’s a control where there are two listboxes seperated by (usually 4) buttons that allow you to move listitems between the two boxes.

Now here’s what I need help with.

These listboxes can contain a variable set of listitems. The listboxes not capable of displaying all the listitems at one time will have scrollbars.

Is there a way that I can go through the listboxes having a string to compare the listitems to and on finding the listitem matching the string, add that listitem to the other box. If there isn’t way to do this, any ideas on how I can do something like this?

Again, I cannot use images to find the listitems, because I do not have a clue as to what they can contain.

Hmmm… There’s really no way to compare a string to the text in such a control using Eggplant. It’s easy enough to select the first item or a random item and move it over, but without an image, I can’t think of a good way of selecting a specific item.

You could also verify that the selected item appeared in the list that you were moving it to. This is a little tricky, but basically you would need to use the captureScreen command with some coordinates to capture an image of the text under the cursor before you select it and then compare that image to the text in the other list.

I think that’s about the best you can do for this particular scenario with the current feature set.