Seeking Opinions...

Hi All–

Haven’t posted in a while, looking for some advice…

I’m testing an application that has hundreds of dialogs (500+) on all flavors of Mac and Windows, which means 1000’s of OK/Cancel/Yes/No/Clear/Reset/Etc buttons. There’s two ways I could handle this:

  1. Have a helper script/function that I add to each suite that I would just call each time I need to click a button

  2. Simply have an image of those buttons available in each project.

I see advantages to both techniques. Any opinions?

I would probably go for a generic dialog script that you pass a parameter (such as OK or Cancel) so that it executes what you want. You may need to capture a few different OK buttons (OK, Okay, O K) depending on your image consistency. Then have the dialog script ClickAny.

You could further abstract it so that it understands what platform is currently being tested, and automatically use the correct images.

Perhaps place this in a “UtilityScripts” suite that all of your suites use anyway. Good luck!

That’s kinda what I was thinking. My eggplant implementation already knows what platform it’s running on (based on what icon it finds when launching our app). That should be no sweat…