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I’m seeing a new file called .searchobject Can anyone explain what this file is and what the purpose of the file is? It seems to have the same information as .imageinfo

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I would like to know the purpose of this file as well.

I ended up adding the .searchobject file to my .gitignore because it stored dates in the file the last time it was found. This caused issues with other devs modifying the same file all of time and having to deal with merge conflicts in git. Haven’t had the need for it or noticed any issues excluding it from my git repo.

My team has added SearchObjects to our .gitignore file, but we are struggling with it wanting to be tracked and versioned when we add new images. We were hoping that shutting off the new Asset Healing feature that came out with the Functional version 21 would stop creating these .searchobject files. However, just adding new images and image collections also add these new file types now.

What are you doing in the .gitignore file? We ignore our Results folder and do not have this issue. Any insight would be appreciated.

This is what we have in our .gitignore file:


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Here is what our .gitignore file looks like:


When we add a new image to the repo and look at git gui to stage and commit we do not see any SearchObject files in the list. I don’t remember why I had 2 SearchObjects in the list. It may be redundant.

I also remember that we had to git rm all of the SearchObject files that had been committed to finally get them to stop showing up in our staging list.

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So when you capture a new image using Eggplant is it creating a new .searchobject file and then that shows up in your staging list even with the .gitignore file setup? Every time we capture new images with Eggplant we have to be sure and git rm all the net new SearchObject files. The existing ones in the folder still remain untracked. If I use File Explorer to move or copy/paste a new .searchobject file in SearchObject then it remains un-versioned/tracked and doesn’t show in staging when doing a commit. Not sure if I am not doing something wrong, or if Eggplant is actually doing a git add for the .searchobject file when capturing a new image?

This is a great discussion regarding the .searchObject file and .gitignore in general. Let me discuss this with the EPF Product Manager and get back with you on best practices for the .searchobject file.
Thanks -Eggplant Support

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