Search a text and move to it

Hi Eggplant team, I got stuck on my script.
I am trying to make the mouse move to a text, but when I do it with this code it works,

MoveTo (Text"91", TextSize12)

When i do it like this , it doesnt work, it says image can be found

combine (91, 85, 183) using “,” with quotes
put it into newdonne
repeat with each item of newdonne
put ("(Text"&it&& “, TextSize12)”) into dlist
MoveTo dlist
wait 2
end repeat

Please help
Thank you

You can use the approach in your second script example, but it’s more complex than is necessary. Instead, you can simply use code like the below:

repeat with each item of (91, 85, 183) 
	moveTo (text:it)
end repeat

Also, the TextSize parameter is for use with TIG (Text Image Generator), so if you are using the OCR (Optical Character Recognition), you will not need it. If you use this parameter with the OCR engine, it will simply be ignored.

If you would like more information about TIG or OCR, here are some resources:

Thanks a lot Elizabeth,
Exactly i was using the OCR and that is why. But witht the code you just gave me it wworks great.

Thanks again )