[SE] Run Window Log Content

I understand that Eggplant SE is limited with regard to logging and that FT is far more superior.

How many lines of log content can the SE “Run Window” hold (lower log part of the window) assuming that the number is not infinite?
If there is a number, is it fixed or can it be changed?

I need this number to estimate how long a performance test may run.

There is no specific limit to the amount of output, however in practice we’ve found that there will come a point at which it will no longer display properly (this seems to be a limitation of the underlying text display object). Here’s a little script you can run to try this:

set the numberFormat to "00000000"
repeat a million times
	put repeatIndex() && "abcdefghij"
end repeat

When I ran this on my machine just now, the last line I saw in the display was line 769229. However, after the script finished I clicked in the output field and did a Select All (Cmd-a) and Copy (Cmd-c). I then opened a new TextEdit window and did a Paste and all 20 million characters of the output was pasted there. So it seems to be possible to get quite a bit of output even if it doesn’t all show up in the output field.

Your results may be different. In particular, I suspect that the output from an ordinary test run (which will likely be showing output in varying colors) may be more limited, but I don’t know for sure.

Yes, I found the same behaviour on my machine. But nonetheless, sounds “infinitish” for me, thanks for the info.

These numbers result for me in roughly 11 days without fearing loosing log entries 8)

Can I crunch the log and exclude specific entries from the log output, e.g. click, typetext ec ?

No, you can’t really control the output from those commands, but you can certainly save all of the output to a file when you’re done and then process that with a script to pull out the meaningful parts.

save all of the output to a file when you’re done and then process that with a script
Do you mean by that by meanings of a 3rd party app, like TextWrangler or can this be done during the runtime of Eggplant? If the latter is possible can you pinpoint me how to extract log into a text file?

There isn’t any way to access the text in the log view from a script (Eggplant FT creates a log file which contains some of the same information in a different format, but SE doesn’t do that). So what I meant was that you could copy the text manually after a run and save it to a file.

Another approach altogether would be to create your own log file within your script and record events that may be of interest while your script runs.

Once you have a log file, you can do what you like with it, including processing it with another Eggplant script (that could be called at the end of the run) or analyzing it later with some other tool.