Scroll Down the scroll bar

HI ,

Please let me know how to use the scroll down function.

I want to scroll down the scroll bar of my application in SUT.

I dont want to capture image of scroll bar button, i want to use any function like ScrollWheelDown 5. But unfortunately its not working for me.

Can anyone please help me out on this :slight_smile:

PFA screenshot for reference.

Some applications/platforms require that the mouse be in the scroll area for the scroll to work. Try positioning your mouse within the scrollable area.

In order for the ScrollWheelDown command to work, you must make sure that the mouse cursor is within the scrolling area. If you try this in Live Mode, you’ll see that for the scroll wheel or arrow keys to produce scrolling in an application, the mouse has to be inside the area that you want to scroll. So first script the positioning of the mouse and then the ScrollWheelDown command should work for you.

Hi Maat,

Thanks for your reply , I tried by placing the mouse cursor before running the ScrollWheelDown function , by
Click (Text :“Name”,TextFont:“LucidaGrande”, TextSize:“11”,Bold :“YES”,TextColor:(0,0,0),TextBackgroundColor:(232,232,232),hotspot:(-10,0))
ScrollWheelDown 10

still the scrolling effect not happening, Can you please help me out to achieve this.

Thanks In Advance

Does your application respond to a scroll wheel normally? Can you provide a screenshot of the application you are testing?

Also can you verify which VNC server you are using on your target SUT? I don’t believe the ARD/built-in server supports the scrollWheel.