scripting in EggPlant to check BVA & ECP


I would like to share this topic to the TestPlant Team those who searching around ‘How to check boundary values/validations through EggPlant script’

The idea is to check the Boundary Values and Equivalent Class Partition on a text field and apparently, EggPlant is most successful to implement this scenario.

Here’s the story, for example, I’ve a specification - a text field called “No. of Items” only accepts Numbers and to maximum length 10 and minimum length 1.

Firstly, we need to create .txt file with permutations/combinations so that each every value will be checked by EggPlant.
So my .txt file looks like below –
12 AB!@#
!@ AB 12345

Save this file into some folder - C:\Validations\Receiver

And the script would like this –
put “C:\Validations\Receiver.txt” into path
Repeat with each line of file path
set receiver to item 1 of it
put length (receiver) into here
If receiver is not a number
TypeText receiver
Log “Invalid entry”
If (here between 1 and 10) then
TypeText receiver
Log “Valid entry”
TypeText receiver
Log “Invalid entry”
end if
end if
end repeat

For more, please check -