Scripting against Combo contents using Text image method ?

Hi Again,

Does Eggplant have the support for scripting using text image method for Combo’s :?: I’m observing that the text image method doesnot work with the Combo contents :roll:

While scripting against the combo content, i observed that Screen OSR is not taking the names separated by space as a whole name.
Does this take each text spearated by space as separate contents for the combo content???

Also, using the same text image method how can i check if the combo contents are displayed in a alphabetical order :!:

The Text Image Generation system can and does provide the interface to render one image at a time. That image can be specified with a property list to the TIG of choice (either the default TIG in Eggplant -> Preferences) or one by name. To find the image elements of a long scrollable combo box you would need to of course render each expected item in turn, and then check for each sequentially on the SUT. You could easily write a handler to take as its arguments a list of names/items to locate in a combo box, verify they exist, and even validate they do indeed take/set properties of the remote SUT state. We give you the foundation, its up to you to build your frameworks the way you want them to work, and leverage that in your script deployment environment.