Script should not stop any where...

I have 10 libraries in my folder(SUT machine). These library names are placed in to one .csv file .in our machine
Now I am taking the libraries one by one (Here I am taking each and every library is one variable like temp1)

  1. If library (abc) is found it should click the text and continue the script on SUT machine
  2. If second library(bcd- attached .csv file) is not found it should check the screen,then it should go and pick the third library and continue the script.

My requirement is if library is not found in the SUT machine. It should go and take the third library name and continue the script.Should not stop any where .

Here I attached my .csv file and code … please look at in to this issue.

Set filePath=“Filepath\libraryFramework.csv”
Log “File path is =”, filePath
(Read the library name from library .csv file)
if file filePath exists then
Repeat with lineno= EACH LINE OF File filePath
(* A library is found with execution flag true *)
if item 2 of lineno =“YES” then
put item 1 of lineno into textToBeFound
Log “Library name to be found =”, textToBeFound
put textToBeFound into temp1
ImportingLibary --This function is for select libraries folder
(Select the library name from .csv file)
Put ReadText (“TLImage”,“BRImage”) into TextFound – read text within the SearchRectangle (no need to specify SearchRectangle as a parameter for ReadText when it is the only parameter).
replace every occurrence of return in TextFound with comma – replace the return characters with commas
Log TextFound – log the results
if Imagefound (Text:temp1 ,SearchRectangle: (“TLImage”,“BRImage”),ignorespaces:true)
Click foundImageLocation ()
Repeat while not ImageFound (Text:temp1,SearchRectangle: (“TLImage”,“BRImage”),ignorespaces:on)

				if Imagefound (Text:temp1 ,SearchRectangle: ("TLImage","BRImage"),ignorespaces:on)
				else if imagefound ("BottomScroll")
					LogError "Library-" && temp1 && "is not available"
					Exit Repeat
					if Imagefound ("Scrollbar")
						DoubleClick "Scrollbar"
						moveto MouseLocation()+(15,0)
					end if
				end if
			end Repeat
			Click  foundImageLocation ()
		end if
	end if
end Repeat

end if

NOTE: Try , catch any use ful? if Yes please make my script with those conditions.
I am waiting for your positive reply.

Any body reply to this issue from Eggplant team?