script failure pop-up always comes up behind other windows

Is there anyway to force the script failure pop up to come up in the foreground. On my system it always comes up in the background, and since I’m interacting with several SUTs, its a bit of a pain to move everything out of the way regularly. Couldn’t see any settings on this in the documentation other than turning the alert off in the General Preferences which I’m going to try.

Also separately I should ask if there is any best practices on searching this forum. I don’t mind reading through documentation and searching the forum first before crying for help, but haven’t had much luck with the forum search. thanks!

Having the Script Failure Alert come to the front is supposed to be the behavior by default. What platform are you using?

I’m running Eggplant on Red Hat Linux.

Should probably also mention when I do an open suite the directory pop up does the same thing i.e. opens up behind everything. Thanks for the quick reply