Scope of helpers

Just curious what the scope of helpers can be. I know that I can use a helper locally by saying

start using "myFunkyFreshHelper.suite"
(*do stuff*)
stop using "muFunkyFreshHelper.suite"

What I’m curious about is what is the scope of the helper tab of a suite. If I have a suite, say foo.suite and it adds boo.suite. Then Bar.suite either adds foo either at the helper tab or using “start using”. Does Bar have access to Boo?

First off – you need to use OpenSuite and CloseSuite. StartUsing and StopUsing should only be used when you need to access individual handlers that reside within a single script.

But, in answer to your question; Yes - anytime you “use” a suite, either via the Helper Tab or the OpenSuite command, you can access to all of it’s helper’s helper’s and so on.


thanks for the correction. Probably saved me time later :wink: .

Thanks for the info. That was my thought, but wasn’t sure, cause I had a couple of failures that ended up not related to this issue.

Thanks again.