Scheduling scripts.

Hi all,
I was wondering, how can I schedule a script to run over and over for a weekend. I want to do this because, I see a couple of scripts failing occationally. So, wanted to test the performance of this tool to run huge scripts…

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I don’t know which version of the application you are using. If you are running eggPlant for Mac, you would use the launchd utility. On Linux, you would set up a cron job. And on Windows you can use the Scheduled Tasks feature under Program Files > Accessories > System Tools. In each case you’ll need to use the command line mode to run the script.

Hi Matt,
I scheduled a script to RUN for 9000 times (over a weekend) …using repeat function. After running the script for 48 hrs approximately, the script failed (No image found on screen). I got screen " failure screen_error.png. What would be the problem?? is it a known issue that image recognization fails after lot of stress??

I am using windows version 10.22

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No, it’s not an eggPlant issue. Chances are the remote system just didn’t respond as quickly on that run. If you have two clicks in a row in a script, for example, there is a minimum of .7 seconds delay between them. Then (assuming the default settings) eggPlant spends a minimum of 1.8 seconds looking for the target of the second click. So that’s 2.5 seconds for the remote system to respond appropriately to the first click and display the result on the screen. It could be that for the first 48 hours it responded in 2.4 seconds, but the time that it failed, it responded in 2.6 seconds. It’s also possible that the application you were driving didn’t process the preceding step properly and the image in question never showed up at all. I can assure you that if eggPlant reports that it couldn’t find the image, it’s because the image wasn’t there while it was looking for it – there has never been a case of eggPlant not finding an image that was displayed properly on the screen.

You don’t say what your test was doing or what kind of action it failed on. If you need to dig deeper into this, you could send the ScreenError image, the image eggPlant was looking for, your script, and the results to the TestPlant support address and we can do some analysis of the failure.

Thank You Matt…makes sense